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Are you concerned about your child’s development?
The first few years of life are very important for a baby’s development. Up to 3 provides FREE developmental evaluations for children who are under age 3 and reside in Cache, Rich or Box Elder Counties. This developmental assessment will let you know if your child is "on target" for his/her age. If the evaluation indicates that there are significant delays in development, your child will be eligible for Early Intervention services. IF you child is over three and you are concerned about their development, please call your local school district and request a free evaluation.

For a free evaluation, call Up to 3 at 435-797-3727 or send us a message.

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Here is a sample list of things babies can usually do at different ages:

3 Months
  • Smile at you
  • Make sounds like "oooo" and "aaaah"
  • Lift head when lying on tummy
  • Watch you across the room
9 Months
  • Sit alone without falling
  • Look for a toy he/she drops
  • Play peek-a-boo or wave bye
12 Months
  • Look at right thing when you say words like "bottle" or "ball"
  • Pull to standing by holding onto furniture
  • Say "mama" or "dada" to the right person
  • Pick up a cheerio using thumb and one finger
15 Months
  • Point to or ask for things she wants
  • Feed himself with fingers
  • Like to be the center of attention
  • Walk by herself
18 Months
  • Drink from a cup
  • Point to nose, eyes, feet when you name them
  • Put things in and out of container
  • Say words to tell you what he wants
  • Like to look at books and turn pages by herself
24 Months
  • Puts 2 words together, like "more juice" or "car go"
  • Point to pictures in a book when you name them
  • Run
  • Take off hat, socks, sweater by himself
30 Months
  • Walk up and down stairs (not yet w/ alternate feet)
  • Make a straight line with a crayon after you do it
  • Ask to go to the bathroom
  • Follow 2 step directions like "go to your room and get me a diaper"
  • Put 3 words together like "I want cookie"
36 Months
  • Say his/her first name
  • Unbutton and help dress herself
  • Ask questions Understand words like "in, out, on, behind" Understands "bring one cookie" Enjoy simple stories and brightly colored pictures
  • Use a spoon to feed himself
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