Frequently Asked Questions

What is Early Intervention? Early intervention provides therapy, education and support to families with young children (ages birth to 3 years) with developmental delays or disabilities. The Up to 3 Early Intervention Program serves families living in northern Utah- Box Elder, Cache, and Rich Counties.

Who are we? Our early intervention team is comprised of trained, licensed/certified professionals in their specialty areas, (e.g.; occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, special educators and many others). The Up to 3 Early Intervention team provides services at home and community settings.

What are the costs for services? Up to 3 Early Intervention Program provides a FREE developmental evaluation. After completion of evaluations, if your child qualifies for our program, a monthly fee is charged for services. Fees are determined by a sliding-fee scale that is based on your family size and annual income. Early intervention services are covered by CHIP and Medicaid, but not other health insurance plans.

How are services delivered? The Up to 3 Early Intervention Program provides family-based services that provide parents with strategies to support their child's development. Services can include home visits, classes, playgroups, and collaboration with other child service agencies.

When should I call Up to 3? You should call anytime you or your physician has concerns about your child's development. There is a FREE 15 min phone interview that will help determine if your child needs further evaluations. Call 797-3727

What are the steps to see if my child qualifies?

  • An evaluation team is assigned to evaluate your child's developmental skills. The evaluations are done in your home.
  • If your child qualifies for services, you and the Up to 3 team will write an Individualized Family Services Plan (IFSP). The IFSP outlines the goals you and your team would like to see accomplished over the next six months and the services provided to help meet those goals.
  • Your child will then receive monthly services from the Up to 3 team as determined by your IFSP.


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