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Act Early — Regular screening allows both professionals and families to celebrate progress and identifies useful supports for children who have a developmental delay. For more information, click here.


Below is a list of services we provide to meet your child's individual needs

  • Autism Support- Services using Dr. Stanley Greenspan's DIR model including Floortime for children who have poor social communication and interaction, lack imitation skills needed for learning or have problems responding appropriately to their environment.
  • Assistive technology services- Assessment and instruction to improve the child's movement and communication using technology.
  • Behavior Specialist- Assessment and instruction to address behavior problems and support parents with behavior modification strategies.
  • Counseling- Family and/or individual counseling.
  • Dietician- Assessment and consultation to increase a child's caloric intake.
  • Family Training- Developmental learning activities that help children learn new skills.
  • Hearing and Vision Specialists- These services are provided by The Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind but are included in the service plan for the family.
  • Occupational Therapy- Assessment and instruction to help improve the child's small motor movement (grasping, fingering, manipulating objects), feeding skills, and sensory integration.
  • Parent-Child Play Groups- Designed to meet specific developmental needs that cannot be adequately met in the home, including special classes for children with autism, motor delays, language delays, feeding and behavior problems, or a need for social interaction and peer modeling, etc.
  • Physical Therapy- Assessment and instruction to improve the child's gross motor skills, balance and movement.
  • Preschool- Designed to prepare a child for transition to community preschool services at age three.
  • Service Coordination- Coordination of Up to 3 services, referrals to community resources and coordination of services with other community agencies.
  • Speech and Language Therapy- Assessment and instruction to help the child gain language, communication, and sounds appropriate for their age.
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